Forensic Fire Investigation Photography

This course is specifically designed for the Fire Investigator, Police or Forensic Investigator who is tasked with the responsibility of having to document fire scenes. Fire Scenes are the most complex and difficult scenes to work. Fire Scenes have often been disturbed through fire suppression operations and overhaul techniques. Photographing the fire damage itself, the debris covering evidence are important factors to consider along with the fact that burned surfaces that do not reflect light effectively. All of these factors all play a part in how to properly photograph a Fire Scene. Fire Scene Investigators, Detectives, Medical Examiner/Coroner Investigators, or anyone in which taking good photographs of fire scenes for court purposes is an integral part of what you do, should attend this course. You will master the camera which is a vital piece of your equipment. This class will cover the triad of exposure with the modern digital cameras, image composition, and managing the images you obtain, basically the start to finish of your critical documentation achieved by forensic photography. From origin to cause you will learn how to photograph Fire patterns, char, smoke and soot, and damage patterns. Regardless of your current skill level, you will improve your photography skills with this training.

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