Formal Educational Training Program in the Forensic Disciplines of Footwear and Tire Track Examination and Comparison

This training program was designed to lead a cohort group of entry level footwear and tire track examiner trainees through sequential course offerings in preparation for working and handling footwear and tire track examinations and comparisons. Also it will prepare attendees for the International Association for Identification footwear certification examination. The Footwear and Tire Track Examiner Training Program consists of five in-depth courses including an outsole and tire treads factory tour (if possible-based on location). Completion of online course work, assessments, and practical exercises will be required in between onsite course trainings. This program is based on five weeks of face-to-face training over a period of three to four months, accumulating in roughly 500 hours of total course work. These courses were modeled after the same courses Dwane Hilderbrand taught for the National Forensic Science Technology Center (NFSTC) in CLearwater, FL and meets all the necessary requirements under the IAI for certification and will include letters of recommendation upon request.

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