Basic to Intermediate Fingerprint Comparison Techniques

This 5-day, 40-hour course provides in depth information on
what friction ridge skin is, the history of discoveries made in the comparison of friction ridge skin, comparison methodologies, beginner and intermediate comparison concepts, and important terminology used in the ridgeology science. This course also discusses court testimony on latent print comparisons, early and famous court cases involving latent print examinations, along with practical exercises designed to reinforce the material and techniques presented. The exercises build the beginner examiner’s skills and reinforce the intermediate examiner’s skills through the course from looking for differences and tenprint comparisons to basic comparison techniques for latent finger and palm prints as well as orientating palm prints and enhancing difficult prints. This class is ideal for beginner tenprint and latent print examiners who are just starting out in the field or those examiners who want a refresher on the basics and some intermediate level comparisons. This course will provide the student with knowledge of the history behind the ridgeology science and a good introduction to comparing friction ridge skin. Lectures combined with a wide range of practical exercises designed to provide knowledge of the fundamentals supporting ridgeology science, basic to intermediate comparison techniques, and court testimony will be presented throughout this course.

This course has been approved for 40 hours of training credit towards certification/recertification by the IAI Latent Print Certification Board and the Tenprint Fingerprint Certification Board.

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