Forensic Examination of Violent Crime Scenes

When tasked with processing violent crime scenes, it’s important to approach each scene as if it’s a puzzle in need of solving. What pieces are missing? Which hypotheses make sense and which do not? Which pieces need to be kept to complete the full picture, if not now perhaps in the future? It may be hard to believe but the number one reason why most crime scene investigations fail is due to inadequate crime scene processing and analysis. The detection, collection, documentation, and preservation of each piece of physical evidence, especially in violent crime scenes, are integral parts of each and every crime scene investigation. The forensic puzzle can never complete without these pieces that are so important to both the crime scene investigation and analysis of cases. With this in mind, the goal of this interactive 24-hour course is to train the Investigating Officer in the areas and skills needed to process a violent crime scene or homicide. This course will include actual case studies as well as hands-on exercises. Upon completing this course, those in attendance should possess the skills necessary to efficiently and comfortably process a violent crime scene as well as to accurately collect a variety of items of physical and trace evidence.

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