Advanced Ridgeology Science Workshop

This five day, 40-hour course, combines detailed lecture regarding the scientific basis for friction ridge identification with intense latent print comparison practical exercises. The lecture material incorporates the Ridgeology concepts of David Ashbaugh with the practical application techniques developed by Pat Wertheim.
Lectures to improve a student’s overall knowledge of the fundamentals supporting Ridgeology science, the ability to make tough identifications and improve an examiner’s efficiency in doing comparisons include but not limited to recognition of ridge pattern “clues”, identifying which finger or which area of skin made a particular latent impression, the correct use of 3rd level detail the philosophy and “ACE-V” methodology of comparing and identifying latent prints, the fundamental principles of permanence and individuality, a detailed look into the accepted analysis of latent prints, and non-friction ridge skin comparison and identification. This course is an excellent tool to help examiners prepare for the International Association for Identification (IAI) certification examination. Comparison exercises using actual latent prints and inked ten print cards help to reinforce the concepts presented in the lectures. Each student is evaluated and assigned practical exercises that are challenging, but achievable. Comparison exercises representing a wide range of difficulty levels allows each student to work at his or her own level of competency, from beginning latent print examiners to those already certified by the IAI. Individual attention will be available during exercise periods. This class is ideal, even for senior examiners who desire to increase their speed and accuracy in doing latent print comparisons.

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