Child and Infant Death Investigations

This course is designed for crime scene technicians and investigators. All levels of experience will benefit from this training as we cover the topic of child and infant death investigations. The presentation will cover medicolegal, crime scene, and autopsy finding aspects of the subject. We will specifically discuss scene processing, evidence collection and investigative techniques as they relate to child death investigations. Child and infant death investigations require a unique approach and can be complicated for even the most seasoned investigator. The training will thoroughly cover the numerous aspects of these investigative cases and promote critical thinking and evaluation of these crime scenes and all the puzzle pieces to help delineate homicides from accidental and natural deaths, even in the most subtle of cases. Actual case scenarios will be presented with attendees solving the case in small working groups with hands-on review of actual forensic materials. Attendees are encouraged to bring a challenging case to discuss with the class and the experts. It is always helpful to have fellow professionals look at your tough cases with a fresh set of eyes. By attending this training you will glean from the presentation of this complex subject and expand your knowledge in this area!

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