IAI Crime Scene Certification Preparation CCSI, CCSA & CSCSA

This course will help better prepare an individual who is taking the IAI Certification Test by providing and reviewing hundreds of sample questions pertaining to crime scene examination and analyzing. The number one reason why most crime scene investigations fail is because of inadequate crime scene processing. Working a crime scene, whether minor or major, is a process that involves a wide range of skills. This course was also developed as a refresher workshop for crime scene officers, or for the new officer with limited exposure and experience in crime scene processing. The detection, collection, documentation and preservation of physical evidence are key elements involved in every crime scene.

As always the International Association for Identification Crime Scene Certification Board will work with the host and hosting facility to facilitate a proctor being present for the last day of class in order for the students to sit for the examination.

Please be sure to check the IAI website at the following link for most current literature and specific chapter requirements requirements (pages 40-41 of the FCMB manual): https://www.theiai.org/docs/Ops_Manual_FCMB-01-2020-C10.pdf. All attendees must purchase, read prior to the course as well as bring the listed textbooks to the course.

Effective October 1, 2022, the following textbook will be used for new crime scene certifications:

Crime Scene Photography, Edition III, by Edward Robinson, 2016, Academic Press-Elsevier, Inc.

Practical Crime Scene Processing and Investigation, Edition III, by Ross M. Gardner, 2018, CRC Press

Crime Scene Photography, Edition III by Edward Robinson, 2016 Academic Press-Elsevier, Inc.

Techniques of Crime Scene Investigation, 8th ed. by Fisher, Barry and Fisher, David, 2012, CRC Press

Crime Scene Photography, Edition III by Edward Robinson, 2016 Academic Press-Elsevier, Inc.

Effective Expert Witnessing: Practices for the 21st Century, 5th ed. By Matson, Jack V., 2013, CRC Press

Forensic Science: An Introduction to Scientific and Investigative Techniques, 4th ed. by James, Stuart H., Nordby, Jon J., and Bell, Suzanne, 2013, CRC Press

IAI Approved

Please note upon registration which module you’ll be studying or testing for during these certification training courses.

If you take this preparation course and do not pass the end of course examination and would like to re-take the class, Forensic Pieces will allow the student to re-enroll into a future course date for a discounted fee of $200.

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