Firearms for the Detective and CSI

This is a unique three-day class designed to familiarize crime scene investigators, detectives, and possibly even attorneys on the field of firearm examination. This class will offer insight into the scope of services provided by most forensic firearms labs. The range of conclusions and practical considerations of what the analysis means will be discussed. Techniques on how to properly collect and document firearms related evidence at the crime scene will be presented. Safety considerations and rendering firearms safe will be discussed and, if permitted, examples will be available for the student to practice on using dummy rounds. Using fired cartridge cases and bullets, this course will give attendees the ability to recognize what firearms may be associated with shootings in the field before the evidence is sent to the Crime Lab to be analyzed by Firearms Examiners. Workshop attendees will be given the opportunity to practice this in the workshop and will be able to keep some of the exemplars for future reference. Bullet impacts, ricochets, ejection patterns, and other on scene considerations for the firearm examiner will be discussed and practiced on the range in live fire exercises. This training will also cover firearms operability in specialty types of investigations such as those regarding self-inflicted gunshot wounds, police involved shootings, and self-defense cases. This class will provide the attendees with invaluable information that can directly impact their ability to solve their cases.


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